Your Beliefs Define Your Reality

You Can Get Everything You Want

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If you get nothing else out of your visit to this page today, know that regardless of any failings or mistakes you think you are guilty of you are totally worthy and deserving of having the life you want. Our intent is to get you to realize that truth.

No one can keep you from your dreams but yourself.

You CAN and you deserve to get everything your heart desires for your life. You are fully capable of creating the life of your dreams and you should never have to suffer from any saddness, worry or fear about anything.

Maybe you think it is about being a different age, sex, nationality or religion. Maybe you think it's just about having rich parents or being a great athlete or winning the lottery. None of those things will define your future. The only thing that is going to determine your future is what you believe.

Do you believe you can get everything you want in your life?

A change of mind is required.
The change in perspective that is required is that rather than just trying to do your best to react to an uncertain reality you realize that reality reacts to and is shaped by you. 100% of the time. The belief that you have no real control over life's circumstances is false and when you simply "react" to the circumstances of your life you create a feedback loop that will just bring you more of the same, for better or worse.

As human evolution transitions from a predominance of "physical" evolution to the evolution of "consciousness" more and more people are beginning to be aware of this shift in perspective. The "truth" we want you to accept is that you live in a world where you have the CREATIVE POWER to control what will happen to you and that you can design any reality you want for your life experience.

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Our hope is that you will just never again let yourself feel sorry for yourself for more than a few moments. That you will never let fear or worry overwhelm you for long… that you will dream big and create a very magical and thrilling life for yourself.
One cautionary note, most people don't believe they have any control over reality so don't expect that you will wake them all up - although your example will get them thinking. They will get there eventually and the best way for you to help them along is filling your own life story with love, appreciation and having what may seem to many others to be an unreasonable amount of fun and success in everything you do.

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Reality is your to Create for yourself.

Here's a song by a band named Stick Figure that actually tells you everything you need to know:

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Generating Positive Vibrations for YOU and the World!
With Some New Ideas and Some Practice You Can Control Reality

Why don't more people discover their ability (EVERYONE has it) and start taking control of their personal story? Partly because being totally in control is more responsibility than most people want to accept. It is easier to believe life is not always easy and bad stuff just happens. Not everyone can be happy. Not everyone is going to get whatever they want. Your parents or your government or your skin color are to blame. Life is out of your control. You get a message of fear and anxiety and powerlessness continuously from established society, the news media and your friends and relatives. All of it is in the name of truth and authenticity with the belief that by proclaiming this problem filled reality you will accept it and participate blindly in their storyline of life. They believe you really have no control and anyone who thinks they do is just living in denial. They may even think by sharing the bad news with you they can save you from a feeling of failure or defeat because they believe in limitation and shortage and not enough to go around and life is hard. Only a few make it. Only the strong survive. None of that needs to be true. It is your choice.

A FOUNDATION TRUTH: As soon as you don't believe it anymore you will know it is false.

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Get the Guidebook for Creating whatever life you desire for yourself.

It's a $9.99 expenditure that will positively transform your life. Guaranteed or your money back.
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Generating Positive Vibrations for YOU and the World!
What is Your Part in this Adventure?

The number one DESIRE you have for your life is to be happy and have fun. If that seems to you to be frivolous or selfish you need to know that for you to be the best person you can be, happiness and appreciation must be your predominant state of mind. Only in this way can you be a powerful source of positive energy, abundance, happiness and love in the world.

So much of what we believe to be true is only true because we have chosen to believe it. The real truth is found in realizing the "REALITY" being experienced all around you by others does not have to ever have much impact on your own personal reality. You are writing your own story and you don't need to let other people's less than perfect stories diminish you. You don't need to feel bad for them either because they are right where they have chosen and need to be on their own learning curve of evolutionary development. They can start living the life they want if they will only begin to believe it is possible and start feeling good about the process.

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