It’s about being creative and having as much fun as possible!

It’s about being creative and having as much fun as possible!

Posted by on Jun 1, 2019 in PositiVibes

So far in this series we have touched on the WHO and the HOW storylines of this adventure we are living.  Next we have probably the most important part, the WHY for our story. 


There are a lot of us currently contributing to this tapestry of human existence we are weaving together.  We are all at different points in our personal evolution of consciousness.  Many still have no idea that the individual they believe themselves to be is just a character they have imagined into being.  As we have discussed,  since before you were born into this 3D time space reality, you have been absorbing information from your environment.  Your initial objective was to design a character that could survive and hopefully thrive in the world you found yourself.  


For a long time you believe that you are on your own and it is primarily a survival game.  It was all about competition and being good enough to get what you wanted.  Some of us were lucky enough to be surrounded by an encouraging positive, love filled environment and this often gave us an easier path to travel.  Of course on the easier path there are often not as many learning opportunities so, long term, the easy path often just create different challenges.  Since we are each writing our own story based on our observations of the world we find ourselves in, there is an infinite amount of diversity.  We are each very unique.  No one else in all of time space reality has had or will have the same story as we do.  That said, we are all very much alike at the same time.


This game world on Planet Earth has many basic laws of inherent structures that put some parameters on our adventures.  For one, our characters are mortal.  Every one of us has a limited amount of time as the character we have imagined into being for the current adventure.   You have actually done this many times before even thought you remember little if anything from the other adventures you have lived.  And, don’t worry if something falls out of the sky to crush you tomorrow, while you may be disappointed if you were having a really good time in your life, you have many more life adventures yet to unfold. 


This brings us to a very important point.  You need to realize that while your current stories may differ greatly, your essence is no different than all of the other conscious beings you are sharing this time space reality with.  All differences are figments of your imagination.  We are each a point of infinite intelligence and energy expressing itself in a physical adventure world.  And that gets us to our big question for this edition of Reality JAB.  Why? 


The answer is Creation.   For untold eons we have been designing material worlds as individualized expressions of an ever expanding energy field.  We are artists imagining physical forms into “reality” and living adventures of ever greater complexity.  The why is the same as for any artist.  We have come into this physical world to dream new things into existence with the intent of creating an enjoyable and entertaining experience for as much of Creation as possible.


There is more to this story… LISTEN to complete podcast – click here.

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