Intentional Creation

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Intentional Creation

Karuna Hum is a Sanskrit mantra. Its English translation is “I am compassion,” or “compassion is my true nature.”  Used in meditation the intent is to help you reconnect with the deep sense of compassion and connection with others that is your purest state. It reduces or even removes any false sense of separation and defensiveness against others, and cultivates feelings of deep love and kindness.  It promotes a personal focus on living “in love with life”.  Love is the highest form of appreciation and the most powerful state of mind for you as the author of a joyously satisfying life story.

A message from your higher/Soul self:

“We know sometimes you may get frustrated and even feel lost but you are doing a great job.  It is not always easy to live up to your potential as a powerful Creative force but trying is what makes it an adventure.  Our best advice is to not take it too seriously.  Do whatever you find you enjoy doing.  Do nothing if you like.  It is your game and you asked for an entertaining adventure.  There is no downside.  Your character will reach the end of the line but that will have no lasting effect on you.  You will probably decide to play a new game.  All of us up in the “cloud” here want to thank you because we get to experience this entire adventure with you and it is fascinating.  We are cheering you on all the way and don’t forget we are here to help out anytime – just ask and be willing to accept our help and you will have it.  Happy adventuring – go for it, take chances, test your abilities.  Have fun!”  

The central truth delivered by the book is that you can never be a victim unless you choose to be.  You have total control over how your story develops. This does not mean that all you need do is maintain a positive attitude to have a problem free life. What it means is that in every problem you can find that silver lining.  Every adversity includes a gift that you will discover by keeping your attention on where you want to go.  You will come to know that nothing can happen to you that is not serving your greater good. The most important realization that you need to accept is that you can do nothing wrong and you are not being judged by any higher authority.

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