Where we came from

Where we are going

Where we came from

YOU are God. You may have had people telling you all your life that God was some divine force that you were to look up to, pray to and possibly believe was going to punish you for wrongdoing. That is all incorrect. You are the Creator and the master of the Universe. Everything in your world is springing forth from your consciousness. You imagine something and if you decide to believe in it you will make it so. 

This needs a little explanation and the easiest way to do that is to suggest a model that you will be familiar with. If you have a device that is connected to the Internet, it is part of a network of virtually unlimited potential. One day soon, there will be robots and androids of various capabilities connected to the Internet like your smart phone or laptop computer. As their capabilities grow, they will have increasingly more freedom of action and function. They will have a local “brain” defining their individuality and controlling their interaction with the world around them but they are all linked by their connection to “the network”.  The same is true for you and me but we are connected to an infinite all-knowing network with unlimited potential and power. Every action ever taken and every thought ever thought are present in what we can call the God Network.

For now, please try and accept that you are God. Actually “everything” is God and “your name here” is an individualized character that God (the real You) has imagined to have fun and adventure creating new wonders in this time space reality we have devised at the edge of Creation. Nothing exists but what we believe in this moment. And since we are God, we can change the game anytime we are able to believe in a new reality. Learning how to do that and create the world of our hopes and dreams is our prime objective. Let’s have fun and create a world of ever more joy and happiness continually searching for new wants to fulfill in our ever expanding Universe.

where we are going

Our very sophisticated computer like selves have been observing and cataloging experience since before we were born into our current physical form. We are translators of frequency and vibration that we give form to. No two people will have an identical experience of reality because our own unique “processors” are translating the frequencies and vibrations into form and what we come up with is totally up to us – after all, we are God. There will be a lot of overlapping in our views of reality since we are all constantly immersed in the shared thoughts, beliefs and visions of each other. The more you introduce new environments and circumstances to yourself the broader your view of possibilities and realities will become. Ultimately it is all in your mind and imagination.

With the intention of building a collective of like-minded individuals to “imaginer” more enlightened and enjoyable future realties for those living on this planet, we have established a group of websites.
The PositiVibes Network, Inc.
The Designer of Reality™
The Gaia Game
We Are God
You can visit any of these locations to learn more. Please sign-up on the information list so that we can get news to you about developments.

The concept is that each of us can have a positive transformational effect on the world by envisioning a world more in synch with our hopes, dreams and aspirations. We are envisioning a reality where a group of like-minded individuals join together to imagine and believe in an altered reality. As our numbers increase and we get on similar wavelengths our creative power will be greatly increased. 

A new age has begun and we are responsible for shaping how it will unfold.

A closer look at the concept

Designer of Reality™ Adventure Story

This story shares ideas that can guide you on a path where each passing day you will find it easier to make your hopes and dreams come true. It is a path founded on finding fun and happiness in each day of your life adventure. It is a path of discovery and inspired action with a letting go of the desire to control outcomes. It is a path where current appearances of apparent reality will fall away and reveal a positive and ever evolving world. Best of all, your participation in this process will have a powerful effect in helping transform all of existence.


The most important realization is that reality is not something that happens to you. You are responsible for all that becomes your reality because it is totally defined by your thoughts and beliefs. Whatever you decide to have “faith” in will become real. Your objective is to learn how to guide your thinking to BELIEVE in the REALITY of what you desire. Staying on the path takes discipline and determination.