Are you going through each day on "Auto-Pilot"?

Learning The Art of Intentional Creation

Learn the Art of Intentional Creation

I know that we may only have a few seconds of your time so here's the point. You have the power to totally shape your future to your wishes - just like if you had a magic lamp with unlimited wishes. The tough part is that it all comes down to what you believe is possible. The good news is that you can learn how to do it.

The big question is, are your ready to accept full responsibility for everything that happens to you? Are you ready to have the discipline and spend the time to learn how to harness the power of creation to design a wonderfully positive, fun and adventure filled future?

It's a choice.
You can stay on "auto-pilot" like most people do, simply responding to what happens around you as best you can or,
YOU can take control.

The objective is to get you to realize you are controlling everything going on in your life. Your thoughts and beliefs shape your experience of the world. More than that we want to convince you that you can make whatever you want happen in your reality. You have the absolute ability to design whatever storyline you want for yourself. After reading through this guidebook you will realize that you are the cause and not the result of what has been going on in your life. You will learn that with enough belief in yourself you can channel the unlimited power of Creation and reshape reality to your wishes. You are at the cutting edge of Creation and it is up to you to determine the future. You have been born into a time of great transition and transformation. There are very powerful forces at work and the world is being divided between two diametrically different world views. One is based on beliefs and traditions that have been dominant for centuries. This was the age of Man and the material world.

As human evolution transitions from a predominance of "physical" evolution to the evolution of "consciousness" more and more people are beginning to be aware of this shift in perspective. The "truth" we want you to accept is that you live in a world where you have the CREATIVE POWER to control what will happen to you and that you can design any reality you want for your life experience.

The PositiVibes Guidebook - Learning the Art of Intentional Creatiion

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The PositiVibes Network has put together a "guidebook" to help you master the skills necessary to be a truely intentional creator of reality.

The PositiVibes Guidebook - Learning the Art of Intentional Creation
Includes the first Module of the Designer of Reality™ Strategy Guide.
by John Brodie
Welcome to an exploration and guide to intentionally designing your personal reality. In the days ahead you will find a reality where every day the joy of appreciation and adventure become the ever increasing focus of all your moments experiencing this physical world. Just as important, as your skills develop you will have a positive transformative effect on the reality of everyone in your sphere of influence which ultimately is as vast as all of Creation. Learning to let your “heart” be your compass, you will realize the value and importance of all of your hopes and dreams so that with confidence in the rightness of your mission you can allow the unfolding of a new reality filled with an ever increasing amount of happiness, prosperity and love.

Download PDF version of book ($9.99)

It is vital that you realize that you must imagine and believe in the future that matches your heart's desires. Those thoughts are the very seeds that create your reality. As much as you might like to think that life just happens to you, the fact is that you are actually 100% responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in your day to day life. It is all about what you decide to believe and it does not matter what anyone else believes. Any consistently held thought or belief will become your reality. Your beliefs determine your reality and lucky for you the one thing you always have control over is what you choose to believe.

It is all up to you. You were born with the ability to intentionally create your day to day life experience. The very exciting thing going on in our time right now is that a growing number of people are awakening to the fact that they can actually wield the power of Creation. If you think that is crazy, you are mistaken. Quantum Physics has clearly verified that "thoughts" affect things. The PositiVibes Network's mission is the promotion of this awareness with some guidance on how you can develop your inate powers.

Many people believe they are locked into a reality they don't like. You need to know you can change that reality as easily as changing your mind regardless of any failings or mistakes you believe you are guilty of.

Need a quick dose of PositiVibes? No one can keep you from your dreams but yourself.

Even though for many years you have been taught about limitations and struggle, those ideas are promoted to keep you in the "system", playing a part "society" expects of you. Are you happy with that role or would you be interested in a life filled with more joy, magic and wonder?

If you want more, a change of mind is required and it is something you need to learn to do.

Maybe you think it is about being a different age, sex, nationality or religion. Maybe you think it's just about having rich parents or being a great athlete or winning the lottery. None of those things will define your future. The only thing that is going to determine your future is what you believe.

The PositiVibes Guidebook - Learning the Art of Intentional Creation
Includes the first Module of the Designer of Reality™ Strategy Guide.
by John Brodie
Whether you are high or low in life the ideas in these pages will give you a perspective to help you get more out of everything you do. While I am going to possibly offer you a unique perspective, none of the ideas or formulas in this book are new. They are time tested and have been proven by individuals like you over and over again. I think you will find that the ideas "feel" right. Because of how energy and the cosmos work, it is safe to say that you would not be reading this now if it was not information you were looking for. The words will mean different things to different people and what you do with the ideas is of course totally up to you. The inspirations found by different people will vary based on mood and where they are on their personal evolutionary path. Consider the concepts presented here and decide for yourself how they can benefit you.

Download PDF version of book ($9.99)

Reality is your to Create for yourself.

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