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Helping us get beyond appearances and find the world of our dreams is what we are hoping to do with the ideas here enclosed. 

If you currently are like most people and do not really think you have much control of the reality you experience, the best course of action would seem to be to just try and make the best of it.  However, you can be intentional about how and what you experience in the world.  You live in a Universe of unlimited possibility.  What we want you to consider as a possibility is that every one of us has created the unique reality that we are experiencing.  Yes, there are a great many similarities between your reality and mine if we come from similar upbringings and cultural backgrounds.  What you believe and what I believe also have an influence on each other because we are connected parts of a much greater whole. 

That said, no one else can exert any control over you that you do not allow.  You do not need to and should not accept any idea or situation that is not satisfying and pleasing to you.  You have an EGS – what we are calling an emotional guidance system – that will always keep you right on track to your highest aspirations and personal satisfaction with the adventure you are living.  The method is simple but requires you to pay attention.  If you are not feeling happy and good and you do not shift your focus to something pleasing you will duplicate the circumstances that made you unhappy in the first place.  If you persist in staying in that state of mind, conditions will deteriorate further.  However if you choose to focus your imagination on the desired improvements to your situation that will be the direction your story line takes. 

The Power of Empathy and Understanding

by Deepak Chopra | The Path to Empowerment

“You can only understand people if you feel them in yourself.” — John Steinbeck

Today’s meditation is about the power of compassion – of communicating to another soul with an open heart and an open mind. This power of empathy and acceptance is part of the transformative power of love. 

It is not necessary for us to try to heal or change someone. It is enough that we listen, speak, and act from our open, accepting awareness. This present moment consciousness has clarity, receptivity, and love within it. By being our deepest self, we will naturally feel and understand another person from that same deep level of awareness.  Deepak Chopra (from his 21-Day Meditation programs – visit https://chopracentermeditation.com/ for numerous transformative programs)

The Premise

 We are not here simply to witness Creation – we are the Creators.

Crisis and challenge arise not to punish or defeat us but to inspire us to design new and improved solutions that promote balance and order.

We must not become complacent and settle for any dis-ease.  Imagining and believing in a world of balance and harmony is our true purpose.

To stay on course we need only follow our feelings along a decision path that brings the most satisfaction, happiness and peace to our experience of the world.

We will make mistakes but that is how we are designed to learn and sharpen our abilities.  Our lives have great importance because with every thought and deed we are shaping the future.

We are at the edge of Creation.  In every moment everything is new again because it is all a product of our consciousness.  What was no longer has importance – what will be is always up to us.

Believe in yourself and share your strength and light with the world.  You are a peacemaker and you are capable of channeling unlimited power to heal and spread love and joy wherever you direct your attention.

We are warriors of Spirit.  We are the Designers of Reality.

The Karuna Hum Way of Compassion is about more than you healing your body or solving a personal life question.  It is about healing the world.  The reason this is the fourth cornerstone is because you must first learn to take care of yourself before you can offer any significant help to others.  You accomplish this by learning the way of appreciation.  By realizing that whatever you are inspired to want is intended to make the world a better place and that is achievable by you.  All it takes is having faith in a positive result instead of fear of an unwanted outcome.

There is no judgment in kindness.  There is no hate, anger or revenge in kindness.  Without judgment there is no need for forgiveness because you have suspended judgment of the actions of others.  You have accepted that it is not that judgmental ego you running the show but that higher consciousness that realizes there are not good or bad events – there are only evolving storylines that we are influencing by how we channel energy.  If we are channeling the energy of fear and doubt about our wellbeing that is the story we will find ourselves in.  This is why we must give up judgment of everything.  When we are judging we are finding fault.  When we are finding fault we become the one’s responsible for it.  We will create whatever world we believe in.

So this is the ultimate instruction for having successful, satisfying and happy life adventures:

  1. Be kind and compassionate.
  2. Find things to appreciate everywhere you go.
  3. Let your heart and your desire be your tour guide.
  4. Pay no attention to the judgments about yourself and the rest of the world from your ego.
  5. Always accept and expect that things will work out in the best possible way for you.
  6. Make having a life adventure filled with fun, love and personal satisfaction your driving ambition.

This is the story of Karuna Hum, the way of compassion and kindness and ever more wonderful tomorrows.

That gets us to the guidebook part of the Karuna Hum story. Clearly everyone is not having a satisfying experience. Once you wake up to the fact that you can run the show as writer and director of all of the action, then you just need some coaching on how to get the most out of it and how to be satisfied more often than not.

We are God, You are God, ALL is GOD. We are the designers of future reality and we can fill it with fun and love if we work together.

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