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An Opening Message...
Candles Infused With Love Are Lighting the Way.

The ScentsAbility Story

Jessica is a 32 year old young adult with developmental disabilities that requires her to have someone by her side almost all the time. However, she, like other individuals with special needs, has the desire and capability to excel at a job in which she can put her skills and incredible drive to work. The challenge was to find the right fit of people, tasks and environment to allow Jessica to shine.
For years, we struggled to figure out how Jessica and others with developmental disabilities could find "real" jobs that not only could help to support themselves financially, but also provide a sense of pride, accomplishment and camaraderie each and every day. We knew that Jessica could be most effective where a process could be broken down into separate steps that she could focus on one at a time. We also believed it was important to produce a simple, finished product that Jessica could start and finish, so that she knew what she was working towards - and could be proud of completing. Many ideas failed for one reason or another - too involved of a process; too expensive; too dangerous.
The answer came unexpectedly, one holiday season. Jessica wanted to give her us a present and said she wanted to get us candles - knowing how much we loved them. Jessica also loved candles; they made the house smell wonderful and looked so pretty when they were lit. Watching Jessica stare at the candles every night we thought about teaching her to make candles. We bought a kit and she loved the entire experience. We started to think about candles as a business; Jessica and her friends could make their own beautiful candles, add scents, colors and packaging, and sell them. We built a small workshop in the spare room and wrote a business plan and presented it to Vocational Rehabilitation Services of Broward County. Her counselor loved the idea and submitted the application for a small micro-business grant.. and we were approved! We had a plan! We would sell at craft fairs and try to sell our candles to small stores. Jessica started inviting her friends to make candles and before long we had a business. Unknowingly, Jessica's present turned out to be a real gift for her and others with developmental disabilities - it gave life to ScentsAbility.
From the beginning, Jessica took her commitment very seriously. She tirelessly worked with us to test different waxes, pourers, wicks, scents, labels and other materials to determine the most effective process to enable Jessica to work independently, efficiently and safely. Jessica quickly mastered the techniques of pouring and wicking, using the modified equipment, and each day we became more comfortable and skilled in color matching and applying proper amounts and types of scents. We were ready to start selling. Jessica's stepdad designed and built a small kiosk resembling an old peddler's cart with a sign reading "Jessica's Candle Shoppe". When Jessica saw the kiosk filled with her homemade candles, she proudly announced, "This is my candle shop"!
Jessica's positive attitude, friendly personality, enthusiasm and love for what she has created make her a natural salesperson. She loves to interact with the people she meets, and believes that her candles make people happy. She has achieved a level of confidence and competence that we never thought possible, and she continues to grow with each candle she makes.
Eight years later we are still going strong; but instead of making candles in the house, we have a factory and a small store. ScentsAbility was approved as a nonprofit organization in 2013 and we have almost 20 young adults in our program. We were recently awarded the Platinum Business Award from CareerSource Broward, given a local and state tribute this past July, received a United States Congressional Proclamation that is framed in our store and were recently featured on WPLG's Heart of South Florida segment.
With Jessica's success, we realized the potential for ScentsAbility help other families like ours. We began with Jessica's friends, and are now working to expanding to other schools and organizations that assist those with developmental disabilities. ScentsAbility is not simply a business that sells candles - it is an opportunity to make a difference.
We hope that someday ScentsAbility will be the vehicle that helps hundreds, even thousands of individuals with developmental disabilities become more active, independent, develop discipline, and productive - and be proud of what they can achieve. We are so proud of Jessica and the entire ScentsAbility Team and we are well on our way to fulfilling our mission to "light the path to independence…one candle at a time:"
One our our customers, Nicole Ruderman, met us at a school event, and as a parent of a 12 year old with autism she asked how she can help. She and her husband decided to start this indiegogo crowd-funding project for ScentsAbility. It was launched Friday and we have already received 56% of our goal!
Please spread this link to anyone you are able to - along with sharing on Facebook, and all social media.

THANK YOU: Jessica, Kortni, Michael, Khari, Kelly, Kim, Alicia, James, Jamie, Drew, Leslie, Ryan, Billy, Thomas, Carmen and everyone at ScentsAbility Candles.

Money-Camp, Inc.

Helping Educate, Inspire and Encourage Students and Parents

About Money Camp
Money Camp Inc is a program that is in direct response to widespread financial illiteracy amongst America’s youth. It aims to reach young students at risk of graduating high school without basic personal finance skills, investment practices, or knowledge on how money works or what it takes to be successful in life. Our program offers youth the opportunity to make a dramatic change in their financial futures.
Our Core Principals:
Educate- Foster the growth and development of America’s youth by teaching financial literacy and entrepreneurship through programs that will prepare youth for life-long financial success.
Inspire- To energize America’s youth to dream big, be innovative, develop products & services and make a difference in their communities.
Possibility- Expand the perspective of young people to make them aware of life's possibilities and realize their full potential.
Teamwork- Kids that participate in team building develop a greater sense of social competency, cooperation, negotiation, and self-confidence.
Our Mission
Money Camp is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to foster a commitment to young people that will promote good money management habits, inspire entrepreneurship; while giving kids the ability to dream big and have the confidence to challenge themselves and chase their dreams and their vision of success.
You can help with a tax deductible donation.
We Do Make a Difference

Welcome to Gateway Community Outreach - Get Involved

Many families collapse into an economic disaster when a terrible circumstance gets out of control. It begins with a lost job, an injury, prolonged illness, a separation of parents, a fire, or some other damaging disaster. Within weeks, a family that has been "getting by" is suddenly under tremendous financial pressure. Within months, their home may be gone or a family is torn apart.
How do you solve the problem?
Become a part of the solution!
Gateway Community Outreach an Economic Crisis Intervention Program. Our goal is to step in and help families and individuals get back on their feet to the state of self-sufficiency. One of the unique features of our services is our 90-Day Treatment Plan. When a family or individual comes to Gateway they are assessed to determine their economic and social service needs. The client is placed on a 90-Day Treatment Plan that provides groceries on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in addition to case management services. Case managers meet with clients to ensure that they are taking the appropriate steps to become self-sufficient, which is the true success of our program.
Gateway Community Outreach's mission has been to actively address the issue of hunger and to safeguard and protect the most vulnerable community members by providing emergency food, case management, rent/mortgage assistance, referrals and other ancillary services. The goal is to prevent homelessness and help clients reach self-sufficiency. Gateway assists more than 9,700 families and individuals a year. It has made a difference in the lives of more than1 80,000 families since its inception in 1995 and continues to provide services with compassion and care to clients. Many of the clients are single mothers and their children, senior citizens, unemployed adults and adults with families who have experienced a crisis.
The organization provides a comprehensive crisis management program, a dedicated staff and 286 volunteers who continuously monitor all intake procedures, tracking performance and computer data input on a weekly basis. Gateway currently operates seven sites throughout Broward County. Each site is open on select days and one evening. The organization researches adequate resources that would help Gateway to fulfill its mission. "We have had many success stories of people saying that Gateway Community Outreach has helped them so much in becoming stabilized and productive individuals," said Carol Ray, president and CEO. "It is great to see how well the program works. We also would not be able to do all that we do without our volunteers. We really do make a difference in our community."
Donating Through
Everyone uses Amazon to purchase products at one time or another. Here is another easy way to support our charity Gateway Community Outreach while purchasing your products. If you sign up on and add that you want to support Gateway Community Outreach Inc. Gateway will receive .05% donation. It will be no additional cost to you and you will have the exact same vast selection of products and shopping experience that you do at
I want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of these needy families.
Keeping Dreams Alive

Keeping Dreams Alive Foundation™ “Live Your Dreams”... “Change One Life, Change A Generation™”

Keeping Dreams Alive Foundation™, Inc is a non for profit 501(c)(3) that was incorporated in 2001. The foundation was built on the idea that giving back to the community is key to the success of changing the mindset of that community.
KDA™ targets at risk teens, college bound student-athletes, and low to moderate income families. KDA Foundation™ has the ability to teach young men and women how to successfully “learn the game”, “play the game” and “win the game” through its’ scholarship programs. Its’ main focus is on serving the inner city population of young men and women teaching them how to prepare for life and get to the next level. The programs within the foundation fund these efforts.
The KDA™ board members and staff consist of ex-athletes, educators, community leaders, and business consultants. We totally support students and student athletes and their parents as they transition academically /socially from middle to high school and beyond. We realize that the student athletes from the inner city need more support with maintaining good academic habits and acquiring appropriate life skills. Our team of teachers, counselors, and coaches all are dedicated to helping our youth avoid negative distractions, eliminate weaknesses, build awareness about common setbacks in school, and improve athletic capabilities. Keeping teenagers out of trouble and getting them to successfully game plan their futures enable us to help “Keeping Dreams Alive”.
A key pormotional partner for KDA is HSPN - The High School Program Network
(tune-in for live games, stats on various players and follow the progress of these high school athletes -
The 2016 Fall Football season will be HSPN Sports 4th year of LIVE & Recorded coverage of High School Sports in South Florida and we’re excited for you to be a part of it!
High School Programming Network™ (HSPN™) strives to provide, what teams call, the D1 Experience! With our National Exposure to 894 College Coaches, we have bridged the gap for taking your Team right to the Coaches Computer Screen. They won’t miss a thing!
Your Student Athletes come first! HSPN is dedicated to your team and making sure they receive the necessary exposure! Key
Teach Your Children Joy and Love


Playing For Change is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music. The idea for this project came from a common belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people.
In 2005, Mark Johnson was walking in Santa Monica, California, when he heard the voice of Roger Ridley singing "Stand By Me." Roger had so much soul and conviction in his voice, and Mark approached him about performing "Stand By Me" as a Song Around the World. Roger agreed, and when Mark returned with recording equipment and cameras he asked Roger, "With a voice like yours, why are you singing on the streets?" Roger replied, "Man I'm in the Joy business, I come out to be with the people." Ever since that day the Playing For Change crew has traveled the world recording and filming musicians, creating Songs Around the World, and building a global family.
Creating Songs Around the World inspired us to unite many of the greatest musicians we met throughout our journey in the creation of the Playing For Change Band. These musicians come from many different countries and cultures, but through music they speak the same language. The PFC Band is now touring the world and spreading the message of love and hope to audiences everywhere.
The true measure of any movement is what it gives back to the people. We therefore created the Playing For Change Foundation, a separate 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to building music and art schools for children around the world, and creating hope and inspiration for the future of our planet.
No matter who you are or where you come from, we are all united through music.
Support this movement by becoming a Member of the Playing For Change Family and together we will make the world a better place.

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So, are you up for the part? It is just a matter of what you choose to believe. It may not be easy for you even if you totally accept the premises discussed here because you have been taught limits and separation since the moment your point of consciousness arrived here. Please recognize that you do not need to be limited in anyway. If you are interested in developing your part and taking an active role in our shared future, get on the PositiVibes Network mailing list so that we can work together to imagine and believe a new and improved reality into existence. is the link to a sign-up form. We will be providing tips for playing your part to the best of your ability and sharing stories of new improved versions of reality.

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