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The PositiVibes Network Store offers products and services that support discovering a new way to experience reality. You are totally capable of designing a life for yourself that consistently lives up to your hopes and dreams.
The PositiVibes Guidebook - Learning the Art of Intentional Creatiion

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The PositiVibes Network has put together a "guidebook" to help you master the skills necessary to be a truely intentional creator of reality.

The PositiVibes Guidebook - Learning the Art of Intentional Creation
Includes the first Module of the Designer of Reality™ Strategy Guide.
by John Brodie
Welcome to an exploration and guide to intentionally designing your personal reality. In the days ahead you will find a reality where every day the joy of appreciation and adventure become the ever increasing focus of all your moments experiencing this physical world. Just as important, as your skills develop you will have a positive transformative effect on the reality of everyone in your sphere of influence which ultimately is as vast as all of Creation. Learning to let your “heart” be your compass, you will realize the value and importance of all of your hopes and dreams so that with confidence in the rightness of your mission you can allow the unfolding of a new reality filled with an ever increasing amount of happiness, prosperity and love.

Download PDF version of book ($9.99)


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Get the PositiVibes Guidebook including Module One of The Designer of Reality Strategy Guide by John A. Brodie