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It's YOUR Adventure. Learn to guide it to where you want to go..

CLICK HERE to download your free copy of "Your Ticket - An Introduction to The Designers of Reality Program"

This introduction will give you an overview of the concepts and some specific strategies that will allow you to transform your life in ways that will benefit you and everyone you interact with.

A Guidebook has been prepared to help you navigate through the conflicts of science and religion to a spot where you realize it's all up to you. Any viewpoint you believe will become your reality. Therefore if all you need do is change what you believe to be true to redesign reality, wouldn't you do it if you knew you could? Science will tell you in the quantum world your thoughts can change the way material forms are perceived. Religion will tell you that if you want to move a mountain, fill some urgent need or heal an illness all you have to do is know/believe in your heart that you can make it happen. That realization and a determined effort to guide your thinking in the direction you want to go can give you unbounded creative power as long as you are willing to accept your vision as your future reality and allow it to happen. This clearly takes some knowledge, practice and discipline and this adventure is what you came here for. The main thing though, just focuses on having fun and enjoying your life because then you can be sure you are on the right path.

Order the e-book version of the Guidebook or or get the Kindle version from Amazon.

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Pam Grout

Deepak Chopra