You Are God

Regardless of what you currently imagine about your life, you are a being of limitless power. Society has taught you limits and has not encouraged your confidence and belief in your dreams for the future. The truth is that you are a God Being here for an adventure and you can do whatever you want.

Greetings - Glad YOU are here!

by New Adventures Await

“You are a collection of unique gifts, talents and beauty.  Each of us has something unique that we have to offer to the world.  If we understand that truth then we not only are able to celebrate ourselves but we can appreciate the absolute magnificence of everybody else.  The world needs what only you were divinely created to share.”

Oprah Winfrey

It’s Your World

(Your name here) is a character you have created to interact with the time space 3D reality in which you find yourself .

GENESIS File - How It Began


Today you are creating a new day.  Reality springs forth from your consciousness.  The reality you dream into being blends with those dreams of all the other divine beings you are sharing this physical space with at this moment in time to create a world that has never been before.

You have placed your consciousness in the physical being you think of as yourself for an adventure in Creation.  If you let desire point your direction and let your heart be your compass you will have a magnificent day that blesses all of those in your sphere of influence.  Together we can build love and compassion as we spread hope and chase fears away.  Karuna Hum.




Challenges to being true to your potential…

Now we can reveal the culprit you face when dealing with others. 


Your mind has been conditioned to judge everything as good or bad.  This is because your ego (the basic operating system of the character you have imagined into being) loves judgment. It believes life is a competition with winners and losers instead of a multi player adventure game of ever greater complexity. It loves believing it is right about how it evaluates everything.  The problem with that is it always makes someone else wrong.  Everyone in fact is perfect and no one is wrong.  We are each GOD creating our own world.   

Judgment and fear are cousins.  Love is the opposite of fear.  Compassion is the close companion of love.

Reality JAB - Part One of Designer of Reality Story

by John A. Brodie

Just be kind – kind to each other and kind to yourself. 

There is no judgment in kindness.  There is no hate, anger or revenge in kindness.  Without judgment there is no need for forgiveness because you have suspended judgment of the actions of others.  You have accepted that it is not that judgmental ego you running the show but that higher consciousness that realizes there are not good or bad events – there are only evolving storylines that we are influencing by how we channel energy.  If we are channeling the energy of fear and doubt about our wellbeing that is the story we will find ourselves in.  This is why we must give up judgment of everything.  When we are judging we are finding fault.  When we are finding fault we become the one’s responsible for it.  We will create whatever world we believe in. 

So this is the ultimate instruction for having successful, satisfying and happy life adventures: 

  1. Be kind and compassionate.
  2. Find things to appreciate everywhere you go.
  3. Let your heart and your desire be your tour guide.
  4. Pay no attention to the judgments about yourself and the rest of the world from your ego.
  5. Always accept and expect that things will work out in the best possible way for you.
  6. Make having a life adventure filled with fun, love and personal satisfaction your driving ambition.

This is the story of Karuna Hum, the way of compassion and kindness and ever more wonderful tomorrows.

A Message from Your Higher Self

by That "Totally" GOD Part of YOU

Realty JAB - Part Two of The Designer of Reality Story

by John A. Brodie


Once you wake up to the fact that you can run the show as writer and director of all of the action, then you just need some coaching on how to get the most out of it and how to be satisfied more often than not. You can help others out in a bit but you cannot help anyone else until you get your own act together. You must secure your own personal power and feeling of well being first or it will remain easy for the weight of the world to drag you down into the pit of despair.

Let DESIRE be your creative compass.  Follow your JOY and BLISS.  Make KINDNESS your mission.

Focused Me


I am focused upon what I want.


Om Varunam Namah
My life is in harmony with cosmic law.

You must first learn to take care of yourself before you can offer any significant help to others.  You accomplish this by learning the way of appreciation.  By realizing that whatever you are inspired to want is intended to make the world a better place and that is achievable by you.  All it takes is having faith in a positive result instead of fear of an unwanted outcome.

You must establish a good connection to the network to take advantage of the unlimited information and inspiration available to you.  It is highly recommended that you spend 15-20 minutes every day practicing some form of meditation.  This helps you tune-out that non-stop ego basic operating voice.  It only takes a short time in meditation to realign brain circuitry and open a channel to you higher self – what you could call your Soul Self.

What’s UP?


You are fully capable of achieving your every desire.  You were born worthy.  You only need accept the challenge.



You must accept that your beliefs control your world.  Then you must become intentional about what you choose to believe.



This is the process of enlightenment.  You will need some guidance to follow the path.



Your mission is to “follow your bliss”, have fun and create a satisfying adventure story for yourself.  Karuna Hum Adventure Guide will show you the way to new fun and adventure.


The Karuna Hum Adventure Guide Package for the Designer of Reality Program

Get the Karuna Hum Guide Package.  

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Reality JAB - Part Three of the Designer of Reality Story

by John A. Brodie

Reality JAB - Part Four of the Designer of Reality Story

by John A. Brodie

The Adventure Guide section of the Karuna Hum story:

 Each person lives in a reality of their own making but the actions and examples of others can influence each individual’s perceptions.  Influencers empower specific belief patterns that can gain momentum and become part of the greater tapestry of life on the planet.  Not all influencers move reality and beliefs in the direction we may believe to be optimum but when that is the case it will stimulate the desire for a different reality.  This is why it is crucial for us to apply our will, desire and belief in the reality our heart (or Emotional Guidance System) tells us is going to deliver the most happiness and satisfaction in our life adventure.

Karuna Hum – The Way of Compassion

The way of compassion is about more than lifting your Spirits, helping you learn how to achieve more of your hopes and dreams in this lifetime and solving personal life questions.  It is about healing the world.  You must first learn to take care of yourself before you can offer any significant help to others.  You accomplish this by learning the way of appreciation and freeing yourself of the limitations created by judgement.  You need to accept that whatever you are inspired to want is intended to make the world a better place.  All it takes is having faith in a positive result instead of fear of an unwanted outcome.

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We are GOD.

We are GOD.

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